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Stew Peas Bundle “ Corned Pork & Red Peas “ x 1


Regular tomatoes 1kg / 2lbs x 1

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Stew Peas Bundle  “ Pickled deboned pig head pork & Red Peas”

2 pound pickled Pigs head pork – pickled with spices and pimento.

2 Pounds Rice “ White Or Brown”

1 pound chilled Mix vegetable 4 ways

1 pound Carrots

1/2 Pound Red Peas

1 bundle Escallion & Thyme

6 peppers

2 sachet Maggi Season up all purpose seasoning


  1. Boil beef  in 3 qts. water until tender with pumpkin, cho cho, pimentos, garlic and salt
  2. Cut up vegetables, yam and cho cho and add with the other ingredients to the pot
  3. Dumplings/spinners may be added if desired.
  4. Simmer for ½  hour until yam is cooked  (soft but not mushy) and the soup is of a medium consistency.
  5. Serves



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