Minimum order policy

Please note: This website displays prices in three currencies JMD, USD and GBP for your convenience. Whilst it displays in three currencies, at checkout your total price will convert into GBP because we are a UK based Registered company. We accept the following payment options. Apple Pay, CashApp, GooglePay, All international  Credit & Debit Cards, Bank Transfer and MoneyGram transfers direct to our account.

Free delivery on orders over USD $500 – £ 366.24 (depending on fluctuations in the daily conversation rate).

There is No minimum order requirement for coastal St Ann  (round town areas) which includes the following areas: Discovery Bay, Runaway Bay; Salem, Cardiff Hall, Priory, Richmond, Browns Town and surrounding areas.  Minimum Order for Lower Trelawny is USD $150  whilst Upper Trelawny is USD $300.

If you encounter problems placing an order to be delivered to any of the  (round town) areas above please  reach out to customer services  via WhatsApp who will be more than happy to assist you. WhatsApps call and messages are free worldwide.


Location Minimum Order Amount
Kingston $100
St. Andrew $100
Manchester $300
St. Catherine $100
St. Thomas $300
St. Mary $300
Portland $300
St. Ann  $200 –  Rural inland areas $300
Trelawny $300 –  lower  Coastal Trelawny $150
St. James $100
Hanover $100
Westmoreland $100
St. Elizabeth $300
Clarendon $100