Pre-Packed Family Size pre packed barrel # 4

Pre-Packed Family Size pre packed barrel # 4


Pre-Packed Family Size pre packed barrel # 4



Pack A barrel online to Jamaica with Bellair Farms Jamaica  – The most cost effective way to send your loved ones a barrel in Jamaica! Avoid shipping & Customs fees!  You can also choose what  items you want in your barrel. FREE Islandwide delivery!

Send the contents of a barrel to your loved ones in Jamaica. This is a great alternative to shipping a barrel from overseas , This is your standard Traditional barrel option with all the basic essentials, not to mention the savings  you make on shipping costs , cost of clearing a barrel and transportation to its destination.  Delivery is within 5 days instead of a month wait for it to arrive at the ports and your recipient  do not have  to spend precious time at the ports all day. 

Food items:

1X Saltfish Per Pound 

1  x Bulk red kidney Peas per KG

6 x Grace Coconut milk Powder 50G

3 x  Colgate Trip

1 x Tetley tea bag (20s) 36G

2 x  Colgate Tripple action Toothpaste 170G / 6oz

24 x Gentle Toilet Tissue 400 SHT singles

3 x Blue Power Laundry Soap wrapped 130G

3 x Betty Sweetened Condensed Milk 395G

2 x Delect Vegetable oil  1L 

6 Lasco Soy Food Drink  Assrt 120 G

2 x Dark sugar Jamaica Gold 2KG

3 x Grace Sardines in vegetable oil 106 G

2 x Grace Corned Beef 340G

3 x Grace chunky Jack Mackerel 425G

2 x Grace baked beans 300G

6 x  Grace Cock Soup spicy 50G

6 x Grace coconut Milk powder 50G

1 x Sun powder Detergent 1750G

2 x  Foska  oats 800G

2 x Kendel A1 Istant Ginger tea N/S 14

6 x Blue power castile olive oil Bath Soap 115G

3 x Excelsior Water Crackers 143G

1 x Grace Mayonaise 473Ml

3 x JF Mills all purpose flour 1Kg

2 x Grace cornmeal 400G

2 x Grace Tomato Ketchup 1.09KG

3 x Grace Vienna sausage  140G

2 x Grace Syrup 1L 

1 x Grace Special Select Peppermint tea bag 24 bags

1 x Sunshine Frosted Flakes 567G

1 x Sunshine Cornflakes 340G

2 x Pal Dishwashing liquid ASSRT  340Ml

2 x Alberto A1 White Rice 5lbs

3 x kraft Macaroni & Cheese the cheesiest 206G

1 x Better life toilet bowl cleaner 24Oz

1 x better life tub & Tile cleaner 32 oz / 946Ml

1 x Blue power super white laundry bar 250G

1 x  better life all purpose cleaner Assrt 946ml / 32oz

Notes: Substitutes substitutes can be made according to preference or for out of stock items.

Note: Substitutes can be made for items preferred if it’s a price match OR for items not in stock.

Note: Due to difficulty in sourcing empty barrels in jamaica Your groceries may arrive packed in boxes and not the actual barrel.



Additional information

Weight 200 kg

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