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Sorrel Drink Lite (6 Pack) 16.6 Oz | 500mL x 1


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  • Jaz Sorrel Drink Lite  (6 Pack) 16.6 oz. | 500 mL, alcohol free.  Adult and children beverage drink.

    This is a great natural refreshing sorrel drink with a hint of ginger, can be used as a chaser for the alcohol of your choice and to be had anytime of the day or night.

    Best served cold.

    Flavor: Jamaican Sorrel

    Drink Options: Great refreshing drink served cold or over cubes of ice. Adding alcohol to this drink is optional.

    This beverage will be enjoyed by family members and friends, 8 years of age and above.

    Package contains (6) 16.6 oz. bottle,

    Made in Jamaica.



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